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Welcome to Pumps and Polka Dots!

Welcome to Pumps and Polka Dots, my style blog!

I’m so excited to get this blog going! I’ve been thinking about it for a year or two, and after encouragement from some wonderful friends (and a few glasses of wine), I finally decided to give it a try. Who knows if this whole blog thing is going to be anything but a huge flop, but I’m going to have a blast trying even if the only people who read my posts are my friends and family.

Have an idea for a post? Want me to cover something specific? Please let me know! You can or reach out to me via any of the social media buttons on the right.

Thanks so much for visiting, and please check back for updates!



P.S. A big thanks to my fabulous friend Lydia, who has agreed to take pictures for me for my outfit posts. Thanks so much to Lydia, and be sure to check out her website.

Welcome photo

(Modcloth dress, similar herehere, and hereValentino shoes; BCBG clutch, similar herehere, and here)