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Blogtober: Biggest Fear

Hello, everyone!

Today is the last Blogtober post. Whew! It’s been a challenge keeping up with the posts this month, but I’m glad I gave it a try. I think I missed one (day 3: what does fall look like to me), but I hope to have a chance to make that one up over the weekend.

Because it is Halloween today, I thought I’d make this a Halloween-related fear. While some people find Halloween creatures and critters fun or entertaining, I find some of them downright creepy. I’m not a big fan of zombies in particular. They just kinda freak me out. I think it’s that whole “undead” thing. The idea that they just keep coming after you pretty much no matter what. Creepy! I have watched a zombie flick here and there and quite enjoy the funny ones like Shaun of the Dead, but I tend to skip the really serious ones that are about a full-out zombie apocalypse. No, thanks!

Strangely, my aversion to the undead doesn’t extend to vampires. I don’t mind vampire movies nearly as much. With the exception of the Twilight series. That’s hours of my life I’ll never get back.

I also find dystopian situations pretty bleak and terrifying. I read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road a few years ago and saw the film, and both gave me nightmares. I’m not sure I could continue hoping that things would get better if I lived in a world in which the surviving humans had resorted to cannibalism. It just sounds so awful.

That’s enough fear and creepiness for one day! Happy Halloween!

Blogtober: Halloween Memories

Hello, everyone!

Today’s Blogtober post is supposed to be about my worst Halloween memory, but I don’t really have any really awful Halloween memories. No terrible memories of being laughed at because of my costume. No memories of eating to much candy and getting sick. No Halloween accidents or arrests. No Halloween drunkfests that resulted in swearing that I’d never drink again.  I guess my Halloweens have been pretty boring.

I do remember a few kind of blah Halloweens. A year or two after I graduated from college, some friends and I decided to go out for Halloween. We threw together some costumes at the last minute and went to a crowded bar where we paid too much for drinks and spent most of the night trying to squeeze our way through groups of drunk people. Not very exciting or fun. It was good to see my friends, but we could have hung out at one of our apartments, had a bottle of wine, eaten candy, and watched a horror movie. I guess I’m just more of a hang-out-at-home kind of gal.

Another Halloween, I went out with the guy I was dating at the time. I threw together a costume at the last minute and went to a crowded bar where we paid too much for drinks and spent most of the night trying to squeeze our way through groups of drunk people. And on top of all that, the guy I was seeing was one of those guys who absolutely has to be the center of attention and will do almost anything to get it. I am the opposite, so I got more and more annoyed as the evening went on. Not very exciting or fun.

I guess I need to make some new Halloween memories. I’ve got a trip to Target planned for this Halloween to pick up exciting stuff like toilet paper and toothpaste. Maybe the Halloween candy will be on sale. Score!

Blogtober: What Does Halloween Look Like to Me?

Hello, everyone!

Today’s Blogtober prompt is another Instagram post: What does Halloween look like to me?

To be honest, I’m not a big Halloween person. I don’t dress up or go out. It’s just not my thing. Of course I loved it when I was a kid, but I have little interest in it as an adult. Halloween is typically just another night for me. I have been known to watch a scary movie, but that’s about the extent of my Halloween celebrations.

Because of my general disinterest in Halloween, I wasn’t quite sure what to do for this post, but then I remembered that some friends bought Berkeley a Halloween costume a few years ago. (Yes, some FRIENDS bought it for him. I did not. Seriously.) I thought this might be the perfect time to pull it out and see how he felt about it.

Needless to say, Berkeley was not amused. I think he might be on board with my “Halloween isn’t for me” thing.

(My apologies that the second photo here is a bit blurry. Berks wasn’t feeling particularly cooperative or photogenic today. Can’t imagine why.)