Hello and welcome to Pumps and Polka Dots, my personal style blog!

I’m starting this blog because I love fashion and often find myself browsing the Web for style inspiration, great deals, and the latest trends. (OK … so “often” is an understatement. I browse the Web for fashion-related stuff a lot … frequently when I should be doing other things, like sleeping. ) All this browsing is so much fun that I decided I needed an outlet for my not-so-slight obsession.

Here at Pumps and Polka Dots you’ll find outfit posts, sartorial obsessions, shopping wish lists, and probably a little randomness scattered here and there. I believe that what we wear matters because it can give us confidence, empower us, and help us feel like our best selves. What we wear says something about us, so why not think about what our clothes and our style are saying to the world?

Nearly all of the items on this blog will be affordable finds. I don’t have the budget to fill my closet with Louboutins or the latest pieces fresh off the runway. If you see any pricey designer items on this blog, like my fabulous red Valentino pumps below, they’ve been a splurge that I’ve saved for, or they’ve been for a special occasion. My Valentinos, for example, were my wedding shoes. I refused to spend thousands of dollars on a dress that I was going to wear only once, but I couldn’t say no to these fabulous shoes.

Have an idea for a post? Want me to cover something specific? Please let me know! You can contact me via any of the social media buttons on the top right or by using the contact form on my Contact page.

And why did I decide to go with Pumps and Polka Dots? Because I find that I nearly always want to wear pumps and because polka dots are just so freakin’ fabulous. In case you’re interested, hop over to The Hairpin to read “A Brief History of Polka Dots.”

Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you enjoy Pumps and Polka Dots!



P.S. I have to give a shout-out to my fabulous friend Lydia. She has kindly agreed to take pictures for me for my outfit posts. Thanks so much to Lydia, and be sure to check out her website. She’s a certified health coach, and her holistic approach to health and wellness can help you manage a variety of health issues or illness, including allergies, digestive disorders, and diabetes.

K Valentino Pumps

(Modcloth dress, similar herehere, and here; Valentino shoes; BCBG clutch, similar here, here, and here)

K and Berks

I couldn’t include pics and NOT have a photo of my doggy buddy, Berkeley (a.k.a. Blog Dog Berkeley). He is sweet, snuggly, and oh so lazy.