Black and White Maxi Dress

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I’m the kind of gal who loves to wear dresses. They make getting ready in the morning so easy because I only have to pick out one piece of clothing. No matching or coordinating shirts and pants/skirts required! However, any woman who has ever worked in an office knows that wearing a dress to work during the summer means that you’ll inevitably spend part of your day trying to keep anyone from noticing the space heater under your desk (apparently space heaters are a “fire hazard” or something … sheesh) or trying to keep your chattering teeth from bothering the guy in the cubicle next to you.

The solution to surviving frigid office temperatures when wearing a down-filled parka isn’t an option? The maxi dress. It’s like wearing a blanket. This is such an obvious solution to the whole my-office-is-freezing-but-it’s-summer issue that I’m not sure how I have only two of these in my closet. I especially love this one because of the black, white, and metallic stripes. It has silver and gold stripes, so you can go either way with your accessories.

I also want to mention the necklaces I’m wearing in this post. A friend of mine gave me this cute ampersand necklace from Jewelmint for Christmas, and I thought it would be cute to layer it with some other necklaces. I’m from Tennessee, and my handsome hubby is from Michigan, so I thought it would be fun to find necklaces that represent our home states and wear them together with my ampersand necklace. The Tennessee necklace is also from Jewelmint, and I found the Michigan necklace from a shop called McLaughlinCreations on Etsy. I know I need to adjust the length of the ampersand a bit, but the look is so cute, right??!!!

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Dress: old (similar here and here) | Shoes: Kelly & Katie (similar here and here) | Michigan necklace: McLaughlin Creations via Etsy | Ampersand necklace: Jewelmint | Tennessee necklace: Jewelmint

Please note that Jewelmint is a jewelry membership site, so it’s not like a regular online store. Check Jewelmint’s website for details.

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