Blogtober: Blog Tools

Hello, everyone!

Another Blogtober post today! Today’s topic is on the apps or tools I use for my blog.

I don’t actually use too much for my blog. It’s a site, so I use the WordPress admin site for the layout, organization, etc. I’m not a Web designer by any means, so I used one of the WordPress templates for the design.

I don’t enhance any of my photos on the blog, so I don’t use any photo editing software. I crop photos as needed, but I do that in WordPress with I upload my pics. I did use Photoshop to do the pic for my It’s in the Bag post last week, but I haven’t used Photoshop for any other pics. I use filters for some of the images on my Instagram page, but that’s it. Nothing else!

I’m still new to blogging, so I’m trying to keep everything simple for now, but I imagine I’ll start using more apps and tools as I go along. I will not, however, ever Photoshop my pictures.

3 thoughts on “Blogtober: Blog Tools

  1. Great post! There are a ton of options as you get more ‘settled’ into your blogging style. I couldn’t do it without PicMonkey. WordPress is so helpful, there isn’t much else I need!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Jackie! There are so many apps and tools out there that it’s difficult to figure out which ones to use.

    2. I agree Jackie – PicMonkey has been great! I also started toying around with Canva, but I haven’t jumped in to re-learn Photoshop yet. One step at a time! There is a lot to learn with blogging, but luckily many of the tools are pretty user-friendly.

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