Blogtober: Fall Bucket List

Hello, everyone!

I recently discovered a great website: The DC Ladies. The site aims to be “useful for women around the Metro area with things that affect us on a daily basis,” and it has a great community of DC-area bloggers. Yay! This month, The DC Ladies are challenging area bloggers to a participate in what they’re calling Blogtober, which involves posting about a variety of fall-related topics nearly every day of October. I’m a day late getting started on this challenge, but I’m committing to it anyway. I’ll still do my regular outfit posts, but I’m going to try to keep up with the challenge schedule as much as possible, so look for lots of extra posts this month.

The Blogtober assignment for yesterday was to do a fall bucket list. See mine┬ábelow, and you’ll notice that I can already mark one thing off my list: buy a plaid scarf. Because shopping is my cardio.


2 thoughts on “Blogtober: Fall Bucket List

  1. I love that you want to read more often! I host a virtual book club for The DC Ladies and it’s been so great making sure I read something new every month! :)

    And baking a pumpkin pie from scratch is on my to-do list this year, too!

    x Rachel

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Rachel! I used to read much more than I do now, but I find myself flipping on the TV so often these days. That’s a habit I’m trying to break.

      And pumpkin pie is just so yummy!


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