Blogtober: Favorite Back-to-School Memories

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For those of you who are just joining in, I’m participating in The DC LadiesBlogtober. Today’s post is about my favorite back-to-school memory. I can’t think of one memory in particular that stands out. Going back to school each fall meant getting back into activities that I loved, seeing friends I hadn’t seen all summer, and learning something new.

In high school, going back to school meant going back to choir, my favorite activity. My high school choir was a small group – only 24 singers – which meant that we were a pretty close-knit bunch of nerds. Like any group of high schoolers, we had some drama to deal with, but we got along well most of the time and had a blast singing together.

In college, going back to school meant leaving home and making the four-hour drive to school where I lived in either a dorm (freshmen and sophomore years) or in a house with some girlfriends (junior and senior years). My college roommates and I met the first day of our freshmen year and got along so well that we lived together for all four years. They are still some of my closest friends.

Starting grad school was definitely a different back-to-school experience than going to college. I worked full time when I was in grad school, so the start of the fall semester in grad school meant the beginning of a nine-month hiatus from social life. I had very little time to do anything other than work and homework. Despite my limited free time, I really liked my grad school classes and appreciated the depth and focus of grad school classes compared to undergraduate courses. Grad school was exhausting but also invigorating.

More than anything, going back to school each fall felt like a fresh start. It meant diving into something and while also returning to activities and friends I’d missed.

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