Blogtober: It’s in the Bag

Hello, everyone!

Today’s Blogtober assignment is to share what’s in my bag. Here’s a pic and see more info below.


  1. Wallet: Nothing exciting here. Just a wallet from the Coach Factory Store with my ID, a few credit cards, insurance cards, and very little cash.
  2. Two iPhones: I have two iPhones: my work phone and my personal phone. I have to be on call for work on some weekends and evenings, so I nearly always have both phones with me.
  3. Lip balm, lotion, etc.: I always carry lip balm  (right now, I’m using Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour® Cream Nourishing Lip Balm with SPF 20), lotion (whatever travel-size bottle I can find), eye drops (I sit in front of a computer for a lot of the day), a few bobby pins, and a hair band with me. I put them in a small makeup bag so they don’t get lost at the bottom of my purse.
  4. Notepad: This is leftover from my pre-smartphone days. I’ve had an iPhone for years, but for some reason, I still keep a notepad in my bag.
  5. Loyalty Card Organizer: I got tired of digging around in my bag for the right loyalty card anytime I shopped, so I found this card organizer. It’s so much easier to keep all these cards together with this handy thing, and it keeps my wallet from becoming overstuffed.
  6. Collection of coupons and gift cards: A few years ago, I started carrying any gift cards or coupons I had with me. Rather than let them float around my bag, I put them in a small makeup bag. This way I have them with me whenever I decide to go shopping, and I don’t have to hunt for them.
  7. Pens: I’m not sure how I ended up with four pens in my purse, but here they are.
  8. Wine Opener: Yep, I carry a wine opener in my purse. Don’t judge me. I did have to throw one away at the airport once when I forgot to take it out of my purse before I went through the security line. The security people chuckled while they told me that I couldn’t take it on the plane.
  9. Keys (not shown): We have a key hook next to our front door, so I put my keys there as soon as I get home. I forgot to grab them when I took the picture of my bag, and I don’t really want to redo the picture just to include my keys. They’re keys; they look like everyone else’s keys. I do , however, have an obnoxiously sparkly key chain that looks like this one that’s available on eBay. (I did NOT pay that price for it. I got mine at the Factory Store for WAY less.)

I also have tissues and my “girl stuff” in one of the side pockets in my purse, but I didn’t feel like I needed to show that here. I found quite a collection of old movie ticket stubs in the front pocket, but into the trash they went. Overall, my purse is pretty organized because it drives me crazy when I can’t find something in it fairly quickly.

What’s in your bag?

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