Blogtober: My Childhood Dream Job

Hello, everyone!

Today’s Blogtober prompt is about my childhood dream job. This one is easy. When I was a kid, I loved Jem and the Holograms. If you didn’t watch this fabulous show as a kid (or have the dolls), you missed out on a totally rad childhood experience. The hair, the music, the clothes–everything screamed the 80s, and I loved it.

My love of Jem and her all-girl band, the Holograms, made me dream of being a singer. It looked like so much fun! As with any dream or plan you have as an 8-year-old, mine had some kinks: (1) I was a quiet, shy kid, so the idea of standing on a stage in front of a roomful of people was (and often still is ) terrifying, and (2) I wasn’t a singer. Sigh! So my childhood dreams of being a famous rock star were never realized.

My job now is far less glamorous. I spend my workdays in front of a computer as a full-time editor. I don’t work for a newspaper or magazine; rather, I help edit my company’s customer-facing reports. I actually quite enjoy editing. It appeals to my detail-oriented, meticulous nature, and there’s something satisfying about clarifying and cleaning up messy, unclear text. Editing is a much better job for me than being a professional singer because I don’t have to ever be in front of people. Yay!

Oh, apparently there might be a Jem and the Holograms movie next year. I will be waiting in line at midnight in full Jem-like gear. It’s going to be truly outrageous.

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