Blogtober: Top Ten Fall Obsessions

Hello, everyone!

Another Blogtober post for you! This one is of my top ten fall obsessions. Most of mine relate to food or clothes.

  1. Thanksgiving: I much prefer Thanksgiving to Christmas. In my family, we have all the same food and hang out with all the same people at Thanksgiving that we see at Christmas, AND we don’t have to worry about gifts for Thanksgiving. We never really need anything we get for Christmas anyway, so I like that Thanksgiving is about being together (and eating yummy food).
  2. Seeing family soon: I live almost 500 miles away from my hometown and my family. Because it’s expensive to fly home, I nearly always drive, which means that I don’t make the trip very often. Fall means that the holidays are right around the corner and I’ll be able to see my family soon and catch up with them.
  3. Pumpkin Cheesecake: I love pretty much anything pumpkin flavored, but every fall I look forward to the appearance of pumpkin cheesecake on some restaurant menus. It’s so yummy, and I can never seem to turn it down even if I’m completely full.
  4. Boots: I pretty much live in boots once it starts to get cooler outside. I especially love riding boots. They’re so classic and go with so many things I have in my closet. If riding boots ever go out of style, I am going to be totally screwed when it comes to fall and winter attire.
  5. Sweaters: I’m often cold, so I get excited when I can break out warm clothes. When I wear sweaters, I stand a chance at not freezing at my desk when I’m at work. Sadly, there are days when even a sweater doesn’t keep me warm.
  6. Scarves: Who doesn’t love an accessory that’s cute AND cozy? I’m so excited about the plaid scarf I just bought. The color I bought is no longer available, but the two colors that are still left are pretty too.
  7. Anything with squash in it: I haven’t met a squash that I don’t like, and I love cooking it during the fall. There are so many yummy recipes, and squash is so good for you!
  8. Warm beverages: It’s so satisfying and calming to come in from a chilly day and have hot tea, hot chocolate, or apple cider. Warm drinks with alcohol are a hit with me too. Spiked apple cider? Yes, please!
  9. Fall colors: It really is beautiful to see the leaves change colors during the fall. I prefer the warmer months of the year, but there’s nothing quite like the colors of fall.
  10. Not having to worry about wearing a bathing suit: ‘Nuff said.

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