Charlotte Fashion Week Recap

Hello, everyone!

As I mentioned in last Wednesday’s post, I was able to head to North Carolina for Charlotte Fashion Week. It was such a great couple of days, and I love that the events benefited a children’s hospital in the Charlotte area. The venue was great for the runway events, and I was able to attend two of the three evenings of runway shows. I’ve included some of the pictures I took below.

One highlight of my trip was that I had a chance to chat with a few other bloggers. Be sure to check out their blogs:  and Being new to blogging, I haven’t had much face-to-face interaction with other bloggers, so it was great to chat with some other people share my fashion interests.

In addition to the men’s and women’s collections, there were looks from several designers who had constructed garments out of recyclable materials. It reminded me of the Project Runway episodes when designers have to make their looks out of non-traditional materials. For the Charlotte shows, designers made looks out of everything from plastic bags to records to Coke cans. It was so interesting to see how they manipulated their materials in unique and creative ways.

As I was going through my pics, I realized just how old my camera is. Yikes! My apologies for the grainy pics! A new camera might be in my future. Luckily, I ended up chatting with a photographer from Phase1 Photography on the first night, and he sent me a link to his pics from that evening. Be sure to check them out if you want to see more runway fashion from Charlotte Fashion Week! There are also a lot of pics on the Charlotte Seen Facebook page (the event planning and marketing company that organized the events).


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