Fall Nail Polish Fun

Hello, everyone!

As you may have noticed, I don’t paint my nails very often. Actually, I almost never paint them. I find that polish can chip so easily, so I always end up taking it off after a couple of days. Recognizing that I’m lacking expertise when it comes to nail polish or nail trends, I asked my friend G to do a nail polish post for me. Her nails always look great, and she’s always trying new colors and designs. She came over one night, and we drank some wine, painted our nails, and watched several (OK, 8) episodes of The Big Bang Theory. It was so fun! I keep telling her that she should start a nail blog.

So … a big thanks to G for writing this post for me. Here it is with pictures:

Thanks, K, for the opportunity to guest post! K’s invitation to post probably stems from the fact that my nail polish changes on (at least) a weekly basis. I have a bit of an addiction and own far too many bottles of nail polish! With all those bottles of fun colors, new textures, and endless glittery options, I find myself with no excuse for having a chipped manicure (those times things start to chip, I end up with a fresh manicure by that evening).

Considering all the polish I own, I rarely, if ever, pay to get a manicure done. K and I spent a girly evening together recently watching The Big Bang Theory reruns and trying out some of the latest nail trends to go viral.

I went for an angled tip, using OPI “This Gown Needs a Crown” from the Miss Universe 2013 collection as my glittery, silver base coat (2 coats did the trick) and Essie “Style Cartel” for the dark blue angled tip (2-3 coats so the silver didn’t show through). I know it’s hard to tell in the pictures, but by the next morning you could totally tell the tips were a deep blue.

2014-09-28 18.19.212014-09-28 18.54.28

K went for the half-moon mani, using Essie’s “Bahama Mama” as her base coat (again, 2 coats) and OPI’s “Goldeneye” from the Skyfall, Holiday 2012 collection. The polish lasted as least a week for us each, and it was the first time since I met K (3 years ago) that I’ve seen her with colored polish on her fingernails!


All in all, both were easy trends to recreate. Though I free-handed the angle and K’s half moons, there are great guideline options by simply using tape. Once your base coat has dried enough (probably 20-30 minutes) place the tape to cover the pieces of the nail you want to remain the base color. Don’t press down hard on the tape though! You don’t want it to pull up all polish! Paint the rest of the nail with the other color, and you should be good to go.

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