Half-Face Makeup

Hello, everyone!

Allison Williams (the actress who plays Marnie in the show Girls) did a half-on, half-off makeup selfie a few months ago, and beauty vlogger Nicki Tutorial recently posted a video about the power of makeup. The half-face makeup selfie has since become a thing. Women are posting their half-face makeup selfies on Instagram as a way of responding to people who shame women for wearing or loving makeup. I won’t even get into how ridiculous it is that our culture tells women we’re supposed to look a certain way and then also shames us for trying to live up to that standard. Ultimately, if a woman (or a man) wants to wear makeup, why should anyone else care or judge?!?

For the pictures below, the left pictures show me with full make up after doing a set of blog pictures, and the right pictures are my half-face makeup selfies. My selfies are not as dramatic as some, but you can definitely see a difference around my eyes. Maybe I really don’t wear as much makeup as most people, or maybe it didn’t show up well in my iPhone selfies. Either way, here are my attempts at the half-face makeup selfie. I’ve included a list below of the products I used in case you’re interested.

OutsideSelfie InsideSelfie

Makeup products used:

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