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LOFT had a great sale over the weekend, so I decided to stroll into the store to try on a few things that I’d been eyeing. A lot of items are on still on sale without a code, so it’s a good time to grab some things before stores start to roll out all their fall items. See below for my reviews of what I tried on at LOFT on Saturday.

Painterly Floral Drawstring Shirtdress

I saw this dress in black online, but because the store didn’t have my size in the black, I tried on the floral one to check the size knowing that I could order the black one online. This dress has short sleeves, a v-neck collar, and an elasticized drawstring waist. I’m so glad I tried this on rather than just ordering it online because the fit wasn’t quite right on me, and I would have returned it. I like the pattern, but the the waistline was hitting me just above my natural waist (you can see a bit in the second picture), and I found myself tugging on it to try to pull it down. I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable in this dress, so back to the rack it went.

FloralprintFront FloralprintSide

Blouson Shirtdress

Oh, the shirtdress. What a fabulous addition to any closet, and how I wanted to love this one. On the hanger, this dress had a lot of promise. The fabric is flowy, and I liked the sleeve length and hemline. When I put it on though, I felt like I was swimming in fabric. Not even tying the belt made it look better. I ended up feeling like I had wrapped myself in a sheet and tied a string around my waist. I also feel like the length is a bit too long. If it had hit above the knee, it would have looked better, but overall I felt like it was too big everywhere.

ShirtdressFront ShirtdressSide

Racer Stripe Jogger Skirt

I saw this skirt online before I went to the store and definitely wanted to try it on. I love the stripes and the piping along the seams, and I thought it might make a great skirt to throw on when it’s blistering hot outside. The shirttail hem helps keep it casual, and the fabric is light and airy. The waistband is elastic, which some people don’t like, but it did make it easy to pull the skirt on and off. I think it would be easy enough to cover up the waistband with an untucked top or a belt. The fit was great on me, and I liked the flowy fabric. I tend to live in skirts and dresses when the weather is hot and humid (whoohoo for living in the South in the summertime), so I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this skirt right now. And it will be super easy to dress up in the fall with a sweater and tights.

SkirtFront SkirtSide

Abstract Zebra Cap Sleeve Dress

I saw a few things in this abstract zebra print a month or so ago – namely, these pants – and I really liked the print. I do tend to like black and white prints, but it’s great that LOFT opted to use gray-teal and ivory in a print that is typically black and white. The fabric is silky, and the tie waist hit me at the right place unlike the floral print dress above. This dress felt comfortable and easy, which is just the kind of thing I was looking for.

ZebraDressFront ZebraDressSide

I also tried on this floral romper, but it looked awful on me. Seriously. So terrible that I didn’t even want to take pictures and put it on the blog. I wanted to like it because I like the colorful print, but it wasn’t flattering in any way, and I wasn’t comfortable wearing it. I also wanted to try on this tile print romper, but I couldn’t find it in the store, and my size isn’t available online anymore. Oh well! I still walked away with two cute pieces for about $60. That’s my kind of shopping.

LOFT Painterly Floral Drawstring Shirtdress | LOFT Blouson Shirtdress | LOFT Racer Stripe Jogger Skirt | LOFT Abstract Zebra Cap Sleeve Dress

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