MURAD Hydro-Dynamic Eye Moisturizer

Hello, everyone!

For my first beauty post, I thought I’d mention the great eye moisturizer I’ve been using. I find searching for beauty products a bit overwhelming, so when my skin, especially the skin around my eyes, freaked out a bit this past winter (evil, cold weather … ick), I decided to bite the bullet and go into Sephora and ask someone for some suggestions rather than randomly pick something and hope that it worked.

I needed something extra hydrating because of said skin yuckiness, so the Sephora beauty advisor recommended MURAD’s Hydro-Dynamic® Ultimate Moisture For Eyes. I was skeptical at first because this moisturizer isn’t think and heavy, which is what I expect a super hydrating moisturizer to be. Instead, it’s quite lightweight, but  don’t let that fool you! It absorbs easily, doesn’t feel greasy, and definitely helped my skin return to normal during the cold winter months. I’ve continued to use it and am really happy with it. It also doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, and MURAD doesn’t test its products on animals according to the company’s site and PETA’s list of cruelty-free companies and products. Yay! I can get behind that.


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