My Current Obsession: Coated Jeans

Hello, everyone!

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I wear dresses and skirts a lot, especially during the warmer months, but I find it harder to step outside in a dress or skirt in the winter even if I’m wearing tights. When it’s cold, I tend to live in jeans, boots, and sweaters. While regular jeans do go with pretty much everything, it’s nice to go with something a little different every once in a while.

Enter coated jeans. I love the sheen of coated jeans, and they’re a great alternative to leather pants or leggings, which I’ve tried on several times but always find uncomfortable. How do you sit down in leather pants? There’s no stretch to them!! No, thanks! I’ll take coated jeans. Check out some options below. Most pairs that I’ve found are black, but I’ve included several colored pairs too.

Joe's Coated Skinny JeansPaige Denim 'Verdugo' Coated Ultra Skinny Jeans (Pine Green Silk)Belle skinny jeans

Joe’s Coated Skinny Jeans | Paige Denim Verdugo Coated Ultra Skinny Jeans | Mango Belle Skinny Jeans | The Limited Coated Zip-Pocket Skinny Jeans | Calvin Klein Jeans Ultimate Skinny Coated Dark Wash Jeans

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