My Favorite Part of Thanksgiving

Hello, everyone!

The DC Ladies have another Beltway Bloggers challenge going on right now: four weeks of writing prompts. There are some great ones on the list, so I’m sure I’ll do a few more posts on these prompts this month. Yesterday’s topic: What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

Family: The holidays are a time to spend family, and because I don’t live in the same place as my parents or my younger brother, it’s always good to see them during the holidays, especially since I’m not able to make it down to see them very often. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, everyone goes to my parents’ house, and my mom spends the better part of two days cooking. I have so many great holiday memories with my family, and I miss those times when I’m not able to be home with them for the holidays.

Food: I love food, and the food we have with my family for Thanksgiving is some of my favorite stuff: dressing, potatoes and gravy, casseroles (because a true Southern Thanksgiving isn’t complete without at least one casserole), macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie, and a bit more pumpkin pie. And pecan pie. That’s good too. The key to my Southern mamma’s fabulous Thanksgiving meals is the variety. It’s all about having a little bit of everything because everything is so good. And Mom takes requests. My cousin loves my mom’s corn chowder, so she’s made it several times at Thanksgiving because she knows he likes it. My mom is cool like that.

There is also one more thing about Thanksgiving that I LOVE and that makes it a far superior holiday to Christmas: no gift buying necessary.

Yep, you read that correctly. No gifts. Huzzah!

No gifts: What???!?! No gifts? How is that a good thing??!?! C’mon. Think about. Do we really need the stuff we get from people for Christmas? Most likely we don’t. Is there so much ridiculous pressure to get everyone THE PERFECT GIFT? Yep, and that pressure is lame. Do we typically wait until the last minute to finish our shopping and end up frantically running around the mall as we try to beat other frantic shoppers to the last [insert desired gift here] on the shelf? Yep! Is the holiday shopping season going a little overboard with holiday sales and being open ON Thanksgiving. Yes! I could go on and on. And all this rebellion is coming from me, a gal who loves shopping. So why do we put up with all this Christmas stress and give it the trophy for BEST HOLIDAY? It’s madness. Madness! I think the people over at Jezebel have the right idea.

For me, Thanksgiving takes the cake (or the pie … get it? I’m hilarious!) when it comes to holidays. I’m so excited that it’s next week, and I will be among the few who are sad to see it go and that its passing means that we have to dive into the pit of despair and disappointment that is holiday shopping and have to pretend that we’re not going to lose our minds if we hear “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” one more time.

So, thanks for being so awesome, Thanksgiving, you food-induced-coma, no-gifts-necessary holiday. You’re the gravy to my mashed potatoes, the macaroni to my cheese, the pumpkin to my pie. You da bomb, and I can’t wait to see you every year.

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