Post-Holiday Shopping: The Limited

Hello, everyone!

I stopped by the mall over the weekend for some post-holiday shopping and went into one of my favorite stores, The Limited. I really like their clothes, and they tend to have great sales. I rarely buy anything at full price there. Some dresses I tried on are below. All three are less than $100 before any additional markdowns or sales. I did end up buying a lace top similar to this one, a star ring that isn’t available online anymore (similar here), and this pave ring.

Sleeveless sheath dress

I love the color of this dress (of course) and the notched neckline. I really needed to try on a larger size, but this was all they had at the store close to me. You can’t tell very well from the pictures, but it was tight across my hips and bust area while the fabric around my waist was loose and almost puckered at the back. This is how sheath dresses typically fit me, so I am rarely able to find one that fits well. Back to the rack for this one! There’s a sleeveless a-line dress with a similar neckline that might work better for me. I might have to check it out the next time I’m at the mall.

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Lace yoke tweed dress

I do love tweed, especially as a winter fabric, and the metallic thread in this dress gives it a bit of pizzazz. The fit of this dress was pretty good, and I like that the dress has pockets. I didn’t love the dress overall though, and I can’t quite put my finger on why I didn’t snatch it up. I think it might be the lace yoke. I kinda wish it was all tweed and that they’d skipped the lace. The tweed says “work wear” to me, but the lace doesn’t, so I’m not sure where it would be most appropriate to wear it. I’m still on the fence about this dress, and that’s typically a sign that I shouldn’t add it to my closet. I’m also trying to resist buying clothes unless I really love them.

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Velvet stripe fit and flare dress

I’m seeing a lot of blush in stores right now, and I do like the color. I just don’t like it very much on me. I am quite fair skinned (OK … so the word “pasty” might be more appropriate), so some colors tend to wash me out, and the particular blush shade of this dress is one of them. The lighting in the dressing room was certainly not helping, but I’m pretty sure I’d look like death warmed up if I wore this dress. The fit was good everywhere, and I like the velvet stripe at the bottom, but the color made the dress a no-go.


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