Pure Barre Annoucement

Hello, everyone!

I mentioned on Monday that I’d have an exciting announcement on the blog today, so here it is:

I’m going to be a Pure Barre instructor! Yay!!!

And I’m going to my official training this weekend. Double yay!!! (Ok, so I’m a bit nervous about the training but also excited.)

I did a post a few months ago about how much I love Pure Barre, and my enthusiasm for this fabulous workout hasn’t waned. Over the summer, I started mulling over the idea of getting involved in the Pure Barre community in a way other than being only a client. I wanted to make Pure Barre a bigger part of my life, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. What if I worked at the front desk? What if I became an instructor?

Around the same time I started thinking about this, I was browsing the main Pure Barre website and saw that a new studio was opening close to me. I went the studio’s page and saw that they were looking for another instructor. I sent my resume to the studio owner a few days later and met her shorty after. She and I got along great, and once her studio opened, I was able to take a class with her.  After the class, she told me that she definitely wanted to bring me on as an instructor.  I immediately started going to classes at the studio to meet the fabulous people who will be my new team members and to get to know the clients.

I am beyond excited about this new challenge. Training is going to be intense, but I can’t wait to dive in and learn more about the technique, how to communicate it, and how to make sure all clients get as much as they can out of each class. Pure Barre has become such an important part of my workout routine (and life), and I hope I’m able to motivate and encourage clients the way I’ve been motivated and encouraged in all the Pure Barre classes I’ve taken. The Pure Barre community is so wonderfully positive, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Thanks to the studio owner, Nicholette, for taking a chance on me, and to the whole Pure Barre Vienna team – Nicholette, Mike, Maddie, Mary, Devin, Kacie, Beth, Kelcee, Jaci, and Meagan – I can’t wait to work with you!!

Wish me luck, and I hope to see you at the barre! ;)


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