Thanksgiving Menu

Hello, everyone!

I hope you’re gearing up for the holiday tomorrow and safely arrive at your Thanksgiving destination! For today’s post, I thought I’d share our Thanksgiving menu. I cannot wait to eat all this yummy food! Oh, did I mention that there are only three of us eating all this on Thursday? I think we might be making a bit too much.

  1. Turkey: Handsome Hubby is taking care of this one, so I’m leaving the recipe up to him. He plans to brine the Turkey tonight and put it in the oven on Thursday morning. He said he might loosely follow this Martha Stewart recipe.
  2. Stuffing: Handsome Hubby is making this one too, but he plans to use this sausage and herb stuffing recipe from Ina Garten.
  3. Gravy: You can’t have turkey without gravy. We’re going to use a recipe for pan gravy from Martha Stewart.
  4. Kabocha squash puree: I mentioned this recipe in one of my Blogtober posts last month. It’s so yummy, so I insisted on including it in our menu for Thanksgiving.
  5. Mashed potatoes: Handsome Hubby made these today, and I’m pretty sure he included rosemary and goat cheese. Yum!
  6. Mac and cheese: My mom found this recipe for the perfect macaroni and cheese several years ago, and it really is so delicious. It’s difficult for me to turn down melted cheese and carbs, and the recipe makes a bit batch, which means lots of yummy leftovers!
  7. Green bean casserole: No Thanksgiving in the South is complete without at least one casserole. Handsome Hubby requested this one, and I’m sticking with a basic recipe. Why mess with a classic?
  8. Salad: In an attempt to make sure at least some of the things we eat this week are healthy, I’m going to toss together a salad of field greens, sun dried cranberries, tomatoes, goat cheese, dates, pecans, and a balsamic vinaigrette.
  9. Pumpkin pie: Pumpkin pie is my favorite, so this menu option was a no-brainer. One of the blogs I follow, Cupcakes & Cashmere, had a post with the perfect pumpkin pie recipe. I must admit that I opted to buy a pre-made pie crust. I’ll try making this with a homemade crust at some point, but because we’re making so many other things, I opted to give myself a break here.
  10. Bread: We’re using the breadmaker for this. Super easy, and it turns out great every time!
  11. Butternut squash galette: I plan to serve this as an appetizer. The recipe I’m using is from a good friend of mine who is an AMAZING cook. She doesn’t like it when people give away her recipes, so I promised her years ago that if I ever gave away one of her recipes without asking, I’d buy her a bottle of wine every day for the rest of her life. This would be a very expensive promise to break, so I’m not going to provide her recipe here, but it’s similar to this one.
  12. Kale chips: I’m not a big fan of kale on its own, but I made kale chips several months ago and liked them. I’ll probably pop some kale in the oven and set the chips out so everyone can have something to munch on while we wait for everything else to finish cooking.

Whew! That’s it! We have a lot of cooking to do over the next few days, but it’s going to be delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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