Things I’m Loving: September 2015

Hello, everyone!

I did a post like this in August and thought I’d keep it going. Below are a few things I’ve been using or wearing a lot this month.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (in Smog)


It’s no secret that I like the cat-eye look (see nearly every outfit post on this blog), but I don’t wear my eye makeup like that every day. Applying the perfect cat eye can be time-consuming, especially if I mess up, so on days when I’m in a hurry or don’t want to go for that look, I reach for this eyeliner instead. I have a few Urban Decay products, and I’m happy with them all, but this eyeliner is especially fabulous. It glides on so easy, smudges with little effort, and stays all day. I have it in Smog, but I might have to buy it in a few other colors. It comes in almost 40 colors, so there are so many options!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil


Because I’ve been working out a lot lately, I’ve been washing my face multiple times a day (in the mornings after I wake up, before I work out, and after I work out). My skin can get dry in spots, especially when the weather starts to get cooler, and I’ve found that washing my face so often exacerbates this issue. I read about cleansing oils about a year ago and read good things about this one, but I didn’t work it into my regular skin care rotation for some reason. I recently pulled it out to see if using this instead of my regular face wash at least once a day would help with dryness, and I’m happy to say that it has definitely made a difference. I’ve always been one to reach for some sort of foaming cleanser, so the idea of rubbing my dry face with an oil to clean it is a bit odd, but it does a good job of removing post-workout grime and sweat (ewww) without drying out my skin.

Athleta Chi Tank (in Saffron Red)


Over the years, I’ve noticed that I tend to buy items of clothing I really like in multiple colors, but I’ve taken that to an entirely new level with this tank. I think I now have it in seven colors (and I have my eye on the flash blue or the jazzy purple next). The fabric is lightweight, soft, and breathable, so it’s great for my sweaty Pure Barre workouts. Most colors come in extra long length in addition to the regular length. I prefer the extra long because it provides a bit more booty coverage, but the regular length works for me too.

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