Trend Spotting: Capes and Ponchos

Hello, everyone!

For this post, I wanted to talk about capes. Not the “I’m Supergirl, and here’s my cape” type of cape, but the capes/ponchos that have been in so many stores lately. While I love the idea of basically wearing a blanket and pretending that it’s an actual piece of clothing, whenever I’ve tried on a cape/poncho, I’ve found that the wrapping myself in feet of fabric looks pretty overwhelming on my frame. Sure, I could throw on a belt, but I wonder if I’d end up looking like I’m wearing a belted blanket rather than just a blanket. I like this trend on other people, but whenever I’ve tried it myself, I end up feeling a bit ridiculous. I have not yet given up though! I just ordered one I saw last month, and it will definitely appear on the blog if I decide that I can make it work.

What do you think of the cape/poncho trend? I’ve included a few capes below that I like in theory in case this is a trend you’re crazy about.

(And why do so many superheros have capes anyway?)

GrayStripePoncho F21plaidponcho NordstromStripeCape ExpressBlanketCoverUp ATbeltedPoncho LoftColorblockPoncho

BP Horizontal Stripe Poncho | Forever 21 Plaid Poncho Sweater | Hinge Stripe Cape | Express Color Block Blanket Cover-Up | Ann Taylor Belted Cape | LOFT Colorblock Poncho

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