Trend Spotting: Culottes

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been noticing a trend lately, and I haven’t decided if I’m on board with it or not: culottes.

First of all, what exactly are culottes? According to Oxford Dictionaries, culottes are “women’s knee-length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt.” These not-really-pants-not-really-a-skirt things are apparently a “must-have”  for spring. I don’t tend to buy into all trends, nor do I rush out to grab anything that any magazine or site says is a “must-have.” I opt for things that I like and that work for me, and I’m not sure if culottes fall into this category. I like some of the flowy ones that basically look like midi skirts, so I might try on a pair like that the next time I’m out shopping and see how they look. Some of the more structured ones (with pleats or in a heavier fabric) might be a great workwear option. From the pictures I’ve seen of culottes, I think they look best with a sleek heel and a fitted or semi-fitted top to balance out the volume of the culottes.

Here’s some info on culottes:

And here are some culottes that I’d consider trying on:

The Soft Drape Black CulotteImage 3 of Warehouse Wallpaper Print CulotteImage 4 of First & I Wide Leg CulotteImage 4 of Love Culottes

Topshop Premium Thick Crepe Culottes | Topshop Space-Dye Culottes | White House Black Market Soft Drape Black CulotteWarehouse Wallpaper Print CulotteFirst & I Wide Leg Culotte | Love Culottes

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